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Blow a Glass Ornament - Washougal Wa
Make a memory and a glass ornament. Relax and smoke before and/or after.
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Bong Blowing - Washougal, WA
Relax in comfortable seating with up to 6 other guests. The host will color and shape a bong from molten glass. Guests offer design input on the Bong in Progress. One of the guests will be chosen at random to win it.
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Wilderness Walk - Cape Horn - Columbia River Gorge
Nothing beats a walk in the woods when you're high on good weed. Smoke before and/or after. Bring a water bottle.
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Natural Fence Post Walking Tour - Cape Horn - Columbia River Gorge
Relax with a smoke break and take a walk in the gorge on old country roads to see these century + old trees and stumps with the barbed wire fence protruding from the sides.
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